My name is Donald Thomas (he/his/star dust) and I was born/live on the east bank of Bdote, Sol System, Milky Way. I am a community artist, graphic designer, and universal spectral collaborator with an innovative eye for the known, yet intangible woven connections we create and experience daily. As an artist/designer, my areas of focus include but are not limited to community/nature-centered consulting, logo/identity design, illustration, woven yarn/fabric installations, and mural painting.

I spent several years in education as apart of a behavior support team in a school that taught me the benefits of having a dedicated support system for individual growth. The collaborative work with the therapeutic support staff, creative connection with the art staff, and my passion for artistic expression guided me to go back to college for graphic design at MCTC. Going back to school full time gave me a chance to be in the community more, which led to apprenticeships on murals, arts organizing for black/collective liberation work with the Million Artist Movement (MAM), and creating art installations with social justice organizations and their communities.

As a member of MAM since 2015, I deeply believe in the MAM philosophy that everyone is an artist and this philosophy guides my community artwork. Being a member of MAM has changed my life as an artist, black creative, and shown me the strength in supporting each other in our daily and future lives. Power Gatherings, Bootcamps, and the love of chosen family within MAM is a major factor of why I have been successful as a community artist.

In 2016 I opened Studio Thalo in South Minneapolis with 
Olivia Levins-Holden and Nell Pierce. Being a member of Studio Thalo allows me to share my ideas and work with two powerfully creative women and take each project much further than if I was working alone. I left MCTC early to work in the design field at Juba Graphics in South Minneapolis in spring of 2017, and in January of 2018, I became a full-time freelancer.  this summer.

Some of the organizations and artists I have had the privilege of working with include: Million Artists Movement, Pollen, Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, Our Justice (fka Pro-Choice Resources), Northern Lights, Exposed Brick Theatre, Made Here, CTUL, Cycles for Change, The Audubon Society, Olivia Levins-Holden, Nell Piece, Jordan Hamilton, Resmaa Menakem, Allan Morris-Van Tassel, and Caspian Wirth.



To use my talents in art, design, and idea connecting to generate and support community-driven creative works that center healing, empowerment, liberation, collaboration, abundance mentality, and cooperative economics.



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